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Total Intergrated Solution

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Our people & culture

Our people are at the heart of our success and that is why EFL is not just a great place to work, but also a second home for the best, and most knowledgeable 3PL Solutions people in the business.

Whether it’s our relaxing office environment or our culture of openness, creativity and inclusivity, we succeed because our people are given the safety, support and equal opportunity they need to perform at their sustainable peak, because with us, work is a holiday.

Get to know our leadership team

Sammy Akbar Sammy Akbar

Sammy Akbar

Director - 3PL & Freeport

A born leader with 16 years of vivid expertise in management, Sammy carries a list of designations beside him. Having studied in the US and worked in the UK, his global experience along with his passion for travel inspire him to implement new ideas in the company according to global norms and lead his team at EFL.

Nishan Hewagamage Nishan Hewagamage

Nishan Hewagamage

General Manager - 3PL & Freeport Operations

Nishan holds over 18 years experience in 3PL and Management. He is the man who drives diverse operations across the company and is known for his calm and composed self even when faced with challenges. Being thorough with processes and systems and a creative thinker, he plays a pivotal role in coming up with creative solutions to solve logistics problems.

Leroy Ebert Leroy Ebert

Leroy Ebert

Chief Growth Officer

They say that the more you read, the more you will know; such is true for our Chief of Growth, Leroy. He holds 18 years of experience and a thorough understanding of industries such as IT, Pharmaceuticals, Apparel and of course 3PL Solutions. Being an avid for logistics tech, he drives the digitization across the organization.

Pandula De Silva Pandula De Silva

Pandula De Silva

Head - Sales & Marketing

Pandula has almost two decades of experience across industries such as fashion and logistics. His understanding of partner needs, industry knowledge and experience in dealing with global brands makes him a vital cog behind Marketing & Business Development of EFL 3PL. He along with his able team represents the partners internally and play a vital role in ensuring that the partner receives the best solution, always.

Thusitha Gamage Thusitha Gamage

Thusitha Gamage

Head - Data Science & Solutions

Thusitha is one of the most experienced functional experts in the industry. He is now being entrusted with transforming a young team of Logistics Analysts into Logistics Data Scientists. With an extremely high aptitude for numeral science, you will find him often very quiet as he is a deep thinker.

Dilhara Rupasinghe Dilhara Rupasinghe

Dilhara Rupasinghe

Assistant Manager - Business Strategy & Planning

Dilhara presents herself with outstanding achievements in business management and strategy and over five years of experience in several designations. A keen traveler, she’s involved in information technology and 3PL at EFL.

Suneth Hirimuthugoda Suneth Hirimuthugoda

Suneth Hirimuthugoda

Head - Strategic Business Unit

When he's not strategizing business at EFL, Suneth is working on his next Volleyball strategy. His vast experience in areas ranging from apparel to healthcare and cement manufacturing, makes him the best person for the job.

Ranal De Alwis Ranal De Alwis

Ranal De Alwis

Senior Manager - Strategic Business Unit

Backed by 25 years’ experience and having worked in different designations in several industries and countries such as project management and logistics, Ranal is a champion of strategy and business processes.

Damayantha De Alwis Damayantha De Alwis

Damayantha De Alwis

Head - Strategic Business Unit

Damayantha presents himself with over 2 decades of business experience and exposure in industries ranging from FMCG to fabric and Freeport operations. His vast knowledge is commendable, revered and very transparent in his training sessions.

Dinesh Viduranga Dinesh Viduranga

Dinesh Viduranga

Financial Controller

An admired member of the CBA and MAAT associations and a Chartered Accountant, Dinesh holds over 8 years’ experience in business and accounting. Apart from his recognized financial capabilities Dinesh carries knowledge in areas such as plantation and IT, adding something very interesting to the EFL team.

Rananja Gonaduwa Rananja Gonaduwa

Rananja Gonaduwa

Head of Shipping & Logistics

Rananja counts over 16 years in the industry, including nearly a decade of Management experience under his belt. He is also a passionate rugby enthusiast and coaches in his spare time.

Sumeera Madurapperuma Sumeera Madurapperuma

Sumeera Madurapperuma

Manager - Supply Chain Innovation & Systems

Sumeera brings a new flare to Supply chain technology and systems with a decade of experience. He is one of the few in the industry with the perfect blend of IT and 3PL, and he operationalizes the digitization strategy of the company.

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